Effective Plant Based Menstrual and Feminine Care For Women, From Women.

Plant Based Solutions

All of our products are 100% natural and plant based. We created Femigist as a healthy, natural, and safe option to combat period symptoms. We use ingredients that are not damaging to the body so that our products are suitable for long term use.

Researched Ingredients

Every herb and ingredient in our products have been thoroughly researched for effectivity. Our ingredients have origins from across the world, making sure we source the most powerful ingredients for even your worst period symptoms.

Holistic Approach

Femigist takes a holistic approach in addressing your feminine health. We have a full line of products that address the cause and effect of your menstrual issues, ensuring that we are nurturing you both internally and externally.


I am blown away by how great a natural product has worked for me. I was skeptical at first, but I could not continue using birth control or traditional medicine. I am happy that I made the switch because now femigist products are all I use during my cycle.

Amara O.

I love this brand. I am 52 years old and find Femininitea to be effective for my menoposal symptoms! No more hot flashes and my mood is way better!

Chika O.

My periods were terrible for me. Not only were they heavy, but they were painful. I am so happy I discovered Femigist because now my periods dont run my life, and I feel like myself again now that I finally have a solution. Thank you!

Brittany P.

For women, from women.

We have been there, and that is why Femigist was created with you in mind. We have done the work of discovring the best natural solutions to your every menstural need. Every product comes from our kitchen to yours.